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i.architects philosophy


environment + light

Our goal is to design buildings which are intellectually weaved within the urban fabric, practical in their basic functions, while allowing space for social interaction.  We are interested in creating architecture that reflects the system [social, economical and political] of the community it accommodates, one that respects local traditions, both spiritual and material. We believe in an architecture that has no mental boundaries between what is inside or outside, private or public.  Walls become connections rather than divisions.  Equal importance is given to the strategic positioning of the building according to the natural elements of the site, and primarily that of light.  For it is eventually carved by the natural light it draws into its spaces, and decorated by the shadows.

function + form

Our architecture is, above all, functional; practical and friendly to the user in order to elevate his/her lifestyle. If not, it has failed.  Form is given through the co-existence of the programs a building accommodates, and the forces [natural and built] that pre-exist on site.  It emerges from within and stretches out to connect the urban schisms and displacements.  Architecture as a living organism should be allowed to expand and contract according to the user and be able to adjust to its ever-changing environment.

This is why we promote the creation of flexible spaces, and avoid waste [spatial and material] within the process.   The user is to have fluid access throughout the spaces created, as form of exploration.  It is only from this process that one can experience the spatial qualities of the architecture and discover the hidden, theatrical moments.  But a building does not only belong to the user but also to the environment it is embedded, acting as sculpture to the simple observer, it is obligated to fulfill this role equally.   So, it is this coherent co-existence between inside and outside, user and observer that makes each building unique.

material + structure

Structure and detailing are part of the design process itself, they walk hand-in-hand, for through the intelligent combination of all can architecture only take place.  We encourage the application of adjustable structures, so as to create flexible spaces within.  We design our structural systems based on the materials used and vice-versa. Each material is defined by particular characteristics and our studio is very keen on understanding these characteristics, for structural, sustainable and aesthetic purposes.  The successful use of materials and their combination becomes very important when transforming an idea into architecture. It is the skin and bones of a building, which above all should be a healthy body, one that ages into beauty.

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